Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shepherd's Spiral Continues

"Dirty" Derrick Shepherd has has agreed to a suspension of his right to participate as a member of all Senate standing and select committees on which he serves pending a resolution of the federal and state charges against him. Halle-fuckin-luiah. Apparently a federal indictment isn't enough to get him to step aside, but the state cherry on top of his criminal sundae does the trick. Someone should try this tact with Dollar Bill Jefferson.

Update: A friend just forwarded me the PDF of the search warrant for Shepherd's car...News flash, he's full of shit!

In a JPSO search warrant obtained on Monday, it is stated that Shepherd is the one who was threatening his ex-girlfriend's mother and sister, not the other way around. He also dropped his car off at a body shop to get a window that was "shot out" fixed.

In further refuting his comments and testimony, Shepherd was in possession of both his own cell phone as well as Thaise Ashford's, which makes their story that they traded phones to settle their "trust issues" about as plausible as Eddie Price's "I just had a few" lie.

In the warrant, it says that Shepherd basically stalked this woman, driving through her neighborhood and making harassing phone calls. It also states that he was arrested for a similar incident in 2000; simple battery and making harassing phone calls.

'Bout Time

It's shaping up to be a good week for NOLA. Of course, anywhere else it would be a shame-filled ride on the humiliation train. But for us, turmoil at City Hall means we could be one step closer to getting the political shit off our collective shoe.

It looks as though the Nagin political machine (read: a hamster on a wheel) may finally be breaking down. IT Director Anthony Jones (aka the highest paid college dropout in New Orleans) is finally resigning. Unfortunately, in true Nagin fashion, he will be further rewarded for lying by taking another job in city government.

According to a source in City Hall, the Nagin clique is in full crisis mode and having many closed door meetings. Ostensibly to figure out who gets thrown under which RTA bus, and how to save the HDIC (Head Dipshit In Charge) from impeachment, federal indictment or just the pitchfork-and-torch-wielding mob soon to be advancing down Perdido St. over the NOAH debacle and boondaggle.

But of course it begs the question, is there any way to get this to stick to "Hizhonah"? The HDIC has proven to be as slippery as greased owl snot. I assume this situation will prove no different. He will be back to smugly delegating to under-qualified political carpetbaggers and slowly hammering nail after nail into the city's coffin.

This reminds me of the old adage about how to boil a frog...if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will jump right out. However, if you slowly heat up the water, the frog will get used to it and ultimately boil to death without trying to escape. We are the frog in this situation, and Nagin is turning up the heat on the cast-iron pot in which we all sit.

It's time to take our asses off the flame. Get this sack of crap out of office. Be it by recall election or a good ole fashioned riot.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shepherd's Confusion

Leave lap dancing to the pros

Posted by Letters to the Editor July 28, 2008 5:21PM

Re: "State senator arrested in battery, theft, " Page 1, July 28. I read with dismay the report in Monday's paper of the arrest of a member of the Louisiana Senate, but it was the circumstances of the arrest, as reported by one of the arresting officers, that really caught my eye.

Police said two women were in Sen. Derrick Shepherd's residence, and at the time of the arrest one of them was performing a lap dance for the recumbent incumbent. When I linked that fact with the $100 bill allegedly missing from his ex-girlfriend's pocketbook the story started to come together.

Clearly, the senator doesn't understand that most of the cabarets on Bourbon Street take credit cards. No need to raid someone else's cookie jar for the odd dollar bill to pay for an amateur dance when you can slap down the plastic and high roll to your heart's content.

This lamentable ignorance may be unique to Louisiana, because this past week New Orleans hosted the National Conference of State Legislatures, and I'm pleased to report that our sales numbers indicate that other states' legislators and their staffs are better informed.

Robert Watters
Rick's Cabaret
New Orleans

Diving in...

I am sure the swim references will get tired really quickly, but I figure if you have a theme, you might as well stick with it. After dealing with a full on, frontal assault on my sense of decency from the New Orleans politicians day after day, I decided to enter the fray...albeit without much fanfare. But I am not here for the fanfare, I'm here to vent, and there is a lot to vent about, to say the least.

I would like to start with our venerable mayor. How is this guy still in office. He has clearly lost his mind. After chastising Lee Zurik for doing his job (which happens to be taking his punk ass to task when millions of dollars in recovery money are misappropriated as they appear to have been) he asks how Zurik is aiding the city's recovery. He's aiding the recovery by acting as the fourth estate you tremendous douche bag! The watch dog aspect of the media is one of the only things that makes it worthwhile. I think we should all have the opportunity to punch Nagin in the gut (a la Derrick Shepard on his ex-girlfriend) for continuously dropping the ball in the nearly three years since the storm.

I don't know that he was all that qualified in the first place. How is running a quasi-monopoly all that difficult. Cox cable's pitch back when he was at the helm could have been "you want cable? Then fuck you, we're all you got." I mean truly this guy is a charlatan. All he wants is to act like a drunken idiot in front of Gallier Hall on Fat Tuesday, and spend the rest of the year dodging reporters and screwing the citizens to the wall. Remarkable.

I don't know if someone else could have done a better job, but I know they couldn't have done any worse. The last two years of the Nagin administration may be the longest of my life. I hope the whole NOAH thing cleans out city hall...empty offices will be far better than what's there now.