Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shepherd's Spiral Continues

"Dirty" Derrick Shepherd has has agreed to a suspension of his right to participate as a member of all Senate standing and select committees on which he serves pending a resolution of the federal and state charges against him. Halle-fuckin-luiah. Apparently a federal indictment isn't enough to get him to step aside, but the state cherry on top of his criminal sundae does the trick. Someone should try this tact with Dollar Bill Jefferson.

Update: A friend just forwarded me the PDF of the search warrant for Shepherd's car...News flash, he's full of shit!

In a JPSO search warrant obtained on Monday, it is stated that Shepherd is the one who was threatening his ex-girlfriend's mother and sister, not the other way around. He also dropped his car off at a body shop to get a window that was "shot out" fixed.

In further refuting his comments and testimony, Shepherd was in possession of both his own cell phone as well as Thaise Ashford's, which makes their story that they traded phones to settle their "trust issues" about as plausible as Eddie Price's "I just had a few" lie.

In the warrant, it says that Shepherd basically stalked this woman, driving through her neighborhood and making harassing phone calls. It also states that he was arrested for a similar incident in 2000; simple battery and making harassing phone calls.

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