Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So it Goes

Just when you hoped the hits from Perdido St. couldn't possibly keep coming, and Nagin couldn't show more disdain and lack of respect for us, the voters, he has refused to appear before the city council to address the NOAH scandal. He cites a scheduling conflict in his letter to the council, and in response the council said they found it less than likely that he couldn't free up some time in his schedule. Apparently bilking the city for long expensive lunches, and making threatening remarks to journalists is quite time intensive and doesn't allow for much flexibility to address malfeasance.

That is assuming, of course, that Hizzhonah is in the city or state. On one of the local talk radio shows on Tuesday, a caller said that she was in Dallas and ran into Arch Duke of alopecia complaining at the car rental agency not having the Escalade he reserved. We can't get him to take the recovery process seriously, but you try to put him in a subcompact at Hertz and he will coldcock anyone within arms reach.

Do we really have to take this for another 700 plus days? I hear people say "just two more years", that's like telling Sisyphus "just a few more steps". Because there is always the chance that we will end up at the bottom of the hill with someone just as worthless, I know it seems impossible, but nothing surprises me anymore.

just to punctuate how S.O.L. we really are, I post this for your viewing pleasure. Just a few more steps...

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